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Belkin F7C005q Conserve Insight Power Meter


The Belkin F7C005q Conserve Insight Power Meter is a revolutionary way of measuring your electricity usage and its impact on the environment. This energy use monitor shows you how much energy the devices in your home consume in terms of watts, operational costs, and even the amount of carbon-dioxide they emit. It clearly indicates how much electric energy your television, computers, and kitchen appliances use as well as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted as a by product of the electricity used in your home.

All calculations are shown on a monthly or yearly basis. It is fully customizable and with a six foot cord you can easily lift it to eye level to read the figures on its large display screen. It is easy to set up and comes in a box containing a standard US 3-pin wall connector, a digital screen, and a user's manual.

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Belkin F7C005q Conserve Insight Power Meter Features

  • See how much different devices cost to use on a yearly or monthly basis
  • Shows power plant carbon dioxide emissions (carbon footprint) from using your devices
  • Tracking feature monitors your actual device usage over time and projects the dollar impact on your electric bill
  • Preloaded with US average electricity cost; you can also set your own rate from your electric bill
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Belkin F7C005q Conserve Insight Power Meter Reviews

A significant percentage of customers who bought the Belkin Conserve Insight F7C005q Energy-Use Monitor confirmed that it is the perfect way of going green in your energy usage while saving money in the process. It provides a smart way of using electric energy. This is because it gives accurate monthly or yearly readings on your contributions to carbon dioxide emissions to show you the true impact your power usage has on the environment.

With its cost tracking feature, you can make wise energy related decisions about saving money from your monthly bill. The tracking feature is also very handy in tracking and projecting the long term costs of power usage for each of the appliances you have in your home. It is easily customizable because you can conveniently decide to set it on preloaded US electricity rate or your own rate from your electric bill. It can also be set to track carbon dioxide emissions according to your region's specific rate. The tracking feature gathers data over a period of time which is used to accurately tell the impact of your energy usage.

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After using the Belkin Conserve Insight F7C005q Energy-Use Monitor for a period of time, one reviewer stated: I find it convenient because you can read the figures on the display screen at eye level with the help of the 5 feet tethered cable unlike other similar products which have the display on the device plugged into the socket which makes it difficult to read the display.

Based on its quality, it is relatively well priced. It is easy to install and can be set up in a few minutes. It has three buttons; one with a planet image to read your carbon dioxide emission by monthly or yearly rate, another one with a dollar image to show the dollar impact of your electricity usage for a month or year, and the third one with a ray image to show the watts per hour consumption at the power socket.

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